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Tissue transplantations can incredibly improve the quality of life for the recipient person. One tissue donor can make life easier for more than 50 people and in some cases, these precious donations can also save lives.

Thanks to scientific and medical breakthroughs, many different types of tissues are used for therapeutic purposes such as eye (corneas & sclera), skin & bone tissues but also amniotic membranes, umbilical cords, heart valves & blood vessels.

Unlike organs, tissues can be processed and stored at very low temperatures for future use.

Therefore, Macopharma designed 3 different ranges of sterile and single-use medical devices to collect & freeze various types of tissues: Storage Pots, EVA Bags & Aluminium Bags

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Tissues transport and freezing

Macopharma’s Storage Pots are sterile medical devices (CE marked) intended for the transport, freezing and storage of tissues down to -80°C.

Due to the transparency of Macopharma’s Storage Pots, tissues remain visible and visual controls can easily be carried out1. An inviolability seal on the lid ensures that the pot remains closed until graft retrieval.

(1) All the pots are transparent with the exception of CDR8000AU external pot which is opaque white

(2) CDR7000AU and CDR8000AU are provided with a sterile transport sachet


Tissues freezing and storage

Macopharma’s EVA Bags are sterile medical devices (CE marked) intended for long-term freezing of tissues down to -196°C in liquid nitrogen.

The bottom opening enables an easy insertion of tissues within the bags and the EVA film can be sealed with standard thermal impulse sealing equipment. The transparency of Macopharma’s EVA Bags leaves tissues visible even if the bag is overwrapped and facilitates their retrieval.

GSR5020AU & GSR7010AU are provided with a long EVA tubing for sampling purposes, as well as a PVC manifold tubing equipped with several connectors to suit all the needs (see details below). Both EVA and PVC tubes can be sealed with our Macoseal TWIN EVA sealing device (ref. 9MSL3621)*. The PVC tubes are standard (Æ 3.0 / 4.1 mm) and are suitable for sterile connections with other standard PVC materials.

(1) GSR7010AU can be used as an overwrap for GSR5020AU and GSR7003AU




Produit Thérapeutique Annexe (PTA) with Marketing Authorisation in France

AMM PTA N°: TA 07.05.69

SCOT30 Vascular Grafts is an extracellular-type solution containing 30 g/L of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 20 kDa. SCOT30 Vascular Grafts is intended for the transport (+4°C) and cryopreservation (-80°C or -150°C) of vascular grafts.