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Cells freezing and storage

Macopharma’s EVA Bags are sterile medical devices (CE marked) intended for long-term storage of cells down to -196°C in liquid nitrogen.

The transparency of Macopharma’s EVA bags makes visual controls easier while the built-in EVA outlet ports are designed to prevent bag perforation during cells retrieval.

Each bag is provided with a long EVA tubing for sampling purposes, as well as a PVC manifold tubing equipped with several connectors to suit all the needs (see details below). Both EVA and PVC tubes can be sealed with our Macoseal TWIN EVA sealing device (ref. 9MSL3621)*. The PVC tubes are standard (diameters: 3.0 / 4.1 mm) and are suitable for sterile connections with other standard PVC materials.

Tubing configurations**:

(1) 3 female luer-locks, 1 injection site (latex-free)
(2) 1 spike, 1 male luer-lock, 2 needleless access connectors (NAC)
* PVC hand sealer in option
** Luer-locks and NACs are ISO 594-2 compliant


We recommend the use of overwraps to protect your cells freezing bags throughout the freezing process.

Macopharma’s EVA Overwraps are sterile medical devices (CE marked) suitable for long-term freezing down to -196°C in liquid nitrogen.

The bottom opening enables an easy insertion of the cells freezing bags within the overwraps and the EVA film can be sealed with standard thermal impulse sealing equipment. The transparency of Macopharma’s EVA Overwraps not only makes the reading of labels easier but also facilitates the retrieval of cells freezing bags.